A ready-mixed adhesive specifically formulated for hanging fabric backed vinyls, textiles and many other wallcoverings, where high initial tack and final bond strength are essential.


A high solids, high viscosity blend of natural and synthetic polymers, having excellent application characteristics. Surface spread of flame applications.

Seltex Heavy is not compatible with glue size or other starch based products. Flash Point- None - Product is water based.

Surface Preparation

Ensure surface is clean, smooth, dry in a sound condition and of uniform colour. New plaster must be allowed to fully dry out. Very porous or alkaline surfaces require a suitable primer. Gloss painted surfaces should be keyed with sandpaper, primed with Seltex Primer Sealer and lined using adhesive diluted, with clean water, to a workable consistency.

Site Conditions

Good lighting and a temperature of not less than 12°C (54°F) are essential. Ensure good ventilation during hanging and drying.



Approximately 5 square metres per kg dependent upon method of application, surface and operator technique.


Cleaning and Storage

Clean all equipment with water immediately after use. Avoid contamination of the wallcovering face. Remove any adhesive from the face of vinyls immediately with a damp cloth or sponge and clean water. When dry it is not always possible to remove adhesive from the face of material. Store away from extremes of temperature.



Safety Information

This adhesive should be kept away from children and animals. Wash hands immediately after use. In case of contact with eyes rinse immediately water and seek medical advice.

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10 Kg Heavy Adhesive

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