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Welcome to the LoveWalls Stripe Builder! With this unique tool, it’s easy to make something amazing in just a few minutes. The Stripe builder takes all the work out of creating complicated patterns, letting you focus on creativity and play.

We require you to be logged in to use this feature, we wouldn’t want you to lose those beautiful creations.

How To Use The LoveWalls Wonder Wall:

Let’s Get Started

To start you will need to measure up the wall you wish to create a design for, then input the dimensions into the text fields. Please add 5% bleed to the actual wall size (e.g. 1000mm + 5% = 1050mm), this is to allow for any runoff.


To help you get started we have created a few templates to get those created juices flowing. Simply select the design you wish to start from.  If you have previously saved a design, you can access those designs by clicking the “My Designs” Tab.


Time to get creative! Once you have selected your chosen template the control panel will become active and this is when the fun starts to happen. Here’s a quick run through the controls and features that you might find useful:-

"My Designs" Button:

This button allows you to access any design you have previously saved or ordered.

"Save For Later" Button:

This allows you to save your favourite designs. Once when you have clicked it, you will be prompted to name your creation, then simply hit the “Save” button and the design will appear in the “My Design” tabs.

"Clear Canvas" Button:

This will reset everything and take you back to the “Measure Your Wall” screen.

"Random Stripe" Button:

This will randomly generate a design for you, it is a great tool to help inspire your creations.

"Scale-Up Design" Button:

This will increase the scale of the design by 50%.

"Scale Down Design" Button:

This will decrease the scale of the design by 50%.



This is where you can adjust the properties of each stripe.

"Change Wall Size" Button:

Here you can adjust the wall dimensions.

Undo/Redo Buttons:


Rotation toggle:

Use this to rotate the angle of the stripes

Background Colour:

Select a colour from the palette to change the base colour

Plaid toggle:

Use this to convert the stripe to a plaid

Opacity slide:

This ranges from 1% to 100%, use this to adjust the transparency of the stripe

Width Slide:

This slider adjusts the width of each stripe in millimetres 

Gap slide:

Use this to fine-tune the gaps between each stripe in millimetres 


Change this to move the start position of the stripes.

Stripe Layers

Here you can adjust the colour, order and select which stripe you are working with. To select the stripe you wish to make any adjustments to simply click on it here.  

"New Stripe" Button:

Click the  button to add a new stripe to the canvas.

Stripe Colour:

This indicates which stripe you have selected and allows you to change the colour of the stripe by simply clicking the colour box.

"Visibility" Button:

Clicking the  button toggles the visibility of the stripe.

Changing the order of stripes:

By clicking and holding on a stripe, you can change the sort order of the stripes

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